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$360 – Kaddish 3 times a day in Israel / 11 Months from time of passing
(About $1 per day)
$360 – 2 Mishnas recited per day for 1 year
(About $1 per day)
$100 – 1 Yahrzeit recited in Israel (Not Perpetuity)
$72 – 2 Mishnas recited per day for 7 days
$36 – 2 Mishnas recited for 1 day

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For each of our services, the shliach (the person performing the service for you) will perform the service for all of our subscribers simultaneously. In addition, Jewish Mourning Guide, as human beings, will make our best humanly possible efforts to provide a shliach who has yiras shamayim (Fear of Heaven), who is reliable, and who will be able to make every Minyan to say Kaddish and to say Mishnayos every day (depending on the program you sign up for). Please give us up to 3 working days (which does not include Shabat, or Yon Tov) to process your order.


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