Kaddish after the Burial

Distinct from the other forms of Kaddish, the Burial Kaddish (please note, it is not recited on joyous days when Tachanun is not said – Gesher ha’Chayim 16:6:2), needs to be said in the presence of a Minyan (ten adult men, over age thirteen, immediately following the burial – YD 376:4).

Delving into the text of the Burial Kaddish, we are in effect saying that, though I have lost my loved one, I still ascribe G-d as the just ruler of the world, and His Name should grow greater and greater, and will constantly re-create and renew the world. We await the rebuilding of our Holy Temple, which will allow us to properly ascribe honor to G_D, and this gives us hope and understanding.

This act of commitment to G-d is a tremendous source of merit to your loved one and is a tremendous elevation their soul. By reciting The Burial Kaddish, you are in effect saying that “you care”, in a tangible way.


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