Special Thanks

We would like to thank the following Torah Scholars (Talmidei Chochamim) for their assistance in making this website a reality.

(Rabbi) HaRav Yonosan Wiener, Shlita - of Badatz Sheiris Yisroel (Jerusalem)

Thank you for answering our countless questions with such patience. Your guidance in dealing with the laws of Jewish mourning is invaluable.

(Rabbi) HaRav Pesach Feldman, Shlita - of Dafyomi Advancement Forum (Jerusalem)

Thank you for taking the time to edit our writings. Your comments and changes/additions were paramount in providing quality information to the Jewish public.

In addition, we are thankful that we received Hascama's (Letters of Approbation) from HaGoan Rosh HaYeshiva of Ohr Somayach, (Rabbi) HaRav Mendel Weinbach, Shlita and HaRav Yitzhak Breitowitz, Shlita (Magid Shiur, Yeshivat Ohr Somayach and Rabbi Emeritus, Woodside Synagogue Ahavat Torah.

About Us

Stefan Coleman and David Kotlyar, the founders of the Jewish Mourning Guide, met while learning Torah in Jerusalem, Israel.

With G-ds help, and with the assistance of very learned rabbis, we were able to compile a website to further disseminate the laws and customs of Jewish Mourning.

Many people hear stories regarding loved ones who did not receive a proper burial, and were not mourned in accordance with the laws of our holy Torah. It is saddening, but unfortunately, not uncommon.

Our hope is that the Jewish public will have a heightened awareness regarding the laws of Jewish mourning, and will have the tools to properly honor their loved ones.

Importantly, that the deceased will have people saying kaddish on their behalf, and learning in their merit. If someone is unable to do this for his family member, we have set up a program in Israel to assist you. Even if you have someone doing this, we would be happy to assist you as a back up.

If you would like to contact us you may reach us at jmourningguide@gmail.com .

For halachic (Jewish law related) questions and other questions pertaining to the Jewish mourning process, we will bli neder, forward the email to HaRav Breitowitz, Shlita. Please put in the headline of the email "For Rabbi Breitowitz, Shlita"


Neither the articles nor videos are meant to be halachic rulings, so please contact a posek regarding your situation. Our website is intended to be a helpful guide, but for everything contained in the articles or videos, or to the extent that we inadvertantly made a mistake on one of the articles or videos, please contact your local Orthodox Rabbi regarding it.